Friday, 30 October 2015

2016 New Zealand Championship held in Auckland

Manawatu Knights Chess Club have 4 players heading to this event

(FM) & (ICCF GM) Mark Noble , Jack James (Current NZ Junior Rapid/Blitz Champion) , Hananke Calitz (Current NZ School Champion & Under 16 National Champion) & Dion Charles

New Zealand Open Championship
2nd–10th January 2016
New Zealand Major Open (under 2100 rating)
2nd–10th January 2016
Mad Morning Blitz 1 & 2
3rd and 4th January 2016
New Zealand Open Junior Championship
5th–10th January 2016 (morning games)
New Zealand Rapid Championship
11th–12th January 2016
New Zealand Lightning Championship
12th January 2016