Thursday, 25 June 2015

NZ Juniors & North Island Championship 2015

Well Just 10 days out from the start of the North Island Chess Championship and the New Zealand Junior Championship.

Manawatu Knights Players look set to win age groups  
The player that look set to win some age groups for our small Chess club are as Below.

Dion Charles Under 16
Hananke Calitz Under 16 & Girls
Sol Ross  Under 14
Isabel Lu Under 12 & Girls
Isabella Malton Under 10 & Girls

I'm sure the rest of you will give it your best shot as well in your age groups.

It is Great to see so many of you playing and the Club wishes you all the best of Luck and may you all do as good as you can.

Also with Maybe our Clubs best Junior yet to enter Jack James
who if does play will be a Big chance to be NZ Junior Champion.

GO the Mighty Manawatu