Tuesday, 19 August 2014

2014 Manawatu School Pupils Chess Championship

Manawatu School Pupil
Chess Championship 2014
Venue: Feilding Civic Centre
             84 Aorangi Street
             Feilding 4702
Date: Wednesday, 24th September 2014 

Entry Fees: $7.00 

Closing date for entries: Midday, 23th September 2014 

Time Control: 40 minutes per game, Unfinished games to be adjudicated 

Play Starts: 9.30am

                      (Players are asked to be there by 9.15am) 

Trophy & Medals:    Manawatu School Pupil Champion 2014

                                    Under 16 Champion 2014

                                    Under 14 Champion 2014

                                    Under 12 Champion 2014

                                    Under 10 Champion 2014 

Payments:    Please make cheques payable to Manawatu Knights Chess Club. Send entry to The Secretary, Manawatu Knights Chess Club,

101 Sherwill St West,Feilding 4702.

If paying by direct credit (to ANZ Bank account 01 0755 0222242 00) please give full name, and email full details required on entry form to xn7223@paradise.net.nz  (Mark Noble) 

Entries to Mark Noble:

Email: xn7223@paradise.net.nz

Phone: 06 3237003 or 0273382040