Thursday, 13 February 2014

Manawatu Knights Chess Club
IM Sims Memorial 2014
Poison Pawn Class One Grand Prix Event
Sponsored by Kingsgate Hotel
Ph: 06 356 8059 Web:

Venue: Kingsgate Hotel 110 Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North.
Date: Saturday 14th June- Sunday 15th June.
Format: 6 round Swiss tournaments, NZCF Standard Rated where possible.
Time Control: 60 Minutes each player plus 30 seconds increment per move.

Schedule:     Players Meeting      9.00am Saturday 14th June
                      Round 1                  9.30am Saturday 14th June
                      Round 2                  1.00pm Saturday 14th June
                      Round 3                  5.00pm Saturday 14th June
                      Round 4                  9.00am Sunday 15th June
                      Round 5                  12.15pm Sunday 15th June
                      Round 6                  3.30pm Sunday 15th June

Prizes:     Open   1st $400.00 (plus IM Sims Memorial Trophy)
                                   2nd $300.00 3rd $175.00 4th $75.00 Grade Prize $50.00
                 Juniors     1st $100.00 ($50.00 cash plus $50.00 prizes)
                                   2nd $75.00 ($25 cash plus $50.00 prizes)
                                   3rd   $25.00 in prizes
                Plus $50.00 Lucky Draw (you need to be at prize giving to receive)

Entry Fees: Open $50.00 Junior $30.00
Closing Date:  Friday 13th June 6.00pm (late entry on the day will be extra $10.00)
If paying by direct credit (to ANZ Bank account 01 0755 0222242 00) please give full name, and email full details required on entry form to  (Mark Noble)
Entries to Mark Noble:
Phone: 06 3237003 or 0273382040

Name: ___________________________________   Date of Birth: _____________________________
Tournament entered: Open / Junior (circle)
Address: _________________________________   Entry Fee: $ ______________________________                                                    
Email: ____________________________________ NZCF Registration Fee: $ ___________________                                  
Phone: ____________________________________ Donation towards costs: $ ___________________
TOTAL: $ _________________________________

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