Friday, 30 October 2015

2016 New Zealand Championship held in Auckland

Manawatu Knights Chess Club have 4 players heading to this event

(FM) & (ICCF GM) Mark Noble , Jack James (Current NZ Junior Rapid/Blitz Champion) , Hananke Calitz (Current NZ School Champion & Under 16 National Champion) & Dion Charles

New Zealand Open Championship
2nd–10th January 2016
New Zealand Major Open (under 2100 rating)
2nd–10th January 2016
Mad Morning Blitz 1 & 2
3rd and 4th January 2016
New Zealand Open Junior Championship
5th–10th January 2016 (morning games)
New Zealand Rapid Championship
11th–12th January 2016
New Zealand Lightning Championship
12th January 2016

Monday, 12 October 2015

Mark Noble win South Island Championship with 6.5 points as well as the South Island Rapid with 5 points