Sunday, 28 September 2014

2014 National Chess Championship

Palmerston North Boys High School
Finished 3rd this weekend National Championship which is a great result for our area with Jack James Staring with 5.5 points out of 7

Feilding Intermediate
Played very well most of the event only to lose 6 or 7 games on some very strange new rules for kids.

Manchester Street School
This was a big ask for our kids and I lost count on how many games we lose due to knocking over a pieces or moving into check.

Some of the rules where to hard for our kids and I have no idea why they had to play under International rules when it was a National event unrated as well.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Manawatu School Pupils Championship 2014

Manawatu School Championship 2014

1st Bogo Lee        6 Points
2nd Dion Charles 5 Points
3rd Aiden Scott    5 Points

Under 14

1st Bailey Jeffrey         5 Points
2nd Samuel Goodman  5 Points
3rd Matthew McEwen  4 Points

Under 12

1st Sol Ross                           5 Points
2nd Cameron Van Rynbach  4 Points
3rd Ryan Bennett                  4 Points

Under 10

1st Isabel Lu     4 Points
2nd Kevin Cao  4 Points
3rd Sam John    3.5 Points

Under 8

1st Isabella Malton   4 Points
2nd Akira Tipping    4 Points
3rd Oliver Lu            2.5 Points